If you’re looking for a GPU (or CPU) stress testing and benchmarking utility for your website or HTML5 / CSS / JS desktop app, Stress My GPU has got you covered. Here are a few highlights:

  • Stress testing tool that allows for stressing the GPU, CPU or both devices simultaneously.
  • Benchmarking tool that scores your GPU’s or CPU’s single core and multicore processing capabilities.
    • Detailed results that include info about the OS, browser and (if relevant) the GPU used.
    • Keep track of the benchmark’s progress (time elapsed, progress bar, etc.).
    • Generate fully clientside shareable results. Perfect for static websites.
  • Running on pure JavaScript and WebGL - no browser extensions or executables needed.

Need something more custom?

I also offer software development services as well. From custom and modified versions of Stress My GPU to completely different applications, extensions or libraries developed to your specifications.

Contact details

Have any questions? Interested in licensing Stress My GPU? Need software development services? Get in touch:

Bitcointalk: mprep

[m] Matrix: @mprep:matrix.org

Mastodon: @mprep@mastodon.social

Twitter: @mprep_btc

Telegram: @mprep


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