is home to a number of my projects / tools. For example:

  • Stress My GPU - an online GPU and CPU stress testing and benchmarking tool.
  • Advanced Linker - an online tool for opening multiple links at once or with delays in between.
  • Tab Check - an online developer tool for checking if a website is leaking URL data or is vulnerable to “window.opener” attacks.

All 3 projects have 2 banner spaces available each:

  • Leaderboard (max dimensions - 728x90) at the top of the page.
  • Medium rectangle (max dimensions - 300x250) on the right side of the page (middle of the page on mobile).

Smaller sized banners (e.g. a 486x60 banner in the leaderboard space) are fine. Animated banners (MP4 without sound, APNG, GIF) are allowed as well. Custom ad placement that is especially relevant to the page (e.g. GPU ads for Stress My GPU) may be accepted for large ad campaigns.

I do not accept ads that promote NSFW content, gambling (including sports betting), undisclosed or undisclosable advertising (e.g. giveaways that pay for likes or for tweets without a disclosure notice in said tweets), “hype-based” cryptocurrencies (e.g. tokens with no actual utility that “generate passive income through tokenomics”) or illegal goods / services

So if you’re looking for advertising that is:

  • Privacy conscious - we don’t collect any data about our visitors.
  • Seen by high-value audiences - place your ads on tools aimed at PC overclockers, cryptocurrency miners, software developers, etc.
  • Affordable - start from as low as $25.

Get in contact with me for more details:

Bitcointalk: mprep

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Twitter: @mprep_btc

Telegram: @mprep