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Advanced Linker

What is "Advanced Linker"?

"Advanced Linker" is a free tool for opening multiple links. You can open a list of URLs either all at once or with delays in between (e.g. open a list of URLs with a 1 second delay in between each one). Made this a while ago because there were plenty of websites that could open multiple links all at once but I couldn't find any that would be able to do so with delays in between them.

What is this tool useful for?

While "Advanced Linker" can open your list of links all at once, its core feature is to open URLs with a delay in between them. Why do you need a delay? Well, certain sites have strict rate limits (e.g. 1 request per second) that you'd quickly trigger were you to open a bunch of URLs from said site all at once, leading to you having to reload each new tab due to error pages or even getting your IP blacklisted by the site's owner. Spacing out your requests (which is what "Advanced Linker" allows you to do) avoids that issue.

Does the tool have any limitations?

In order to open links in a secure manner (avoiding the "window.opener" vulnerability) and to open them with delays in between "Advanced Linker" has to open new tabs / windows in such a way that the browser interprets them as a pop-ups. As such, you're going to have to allow pop-ups on this site to use "Advanced Linker".

If you intend to open a large number of links (specifically, more than 20) and use Firefox, you're going to have to follow these instructions to increase the number of popups a website is allowed to open:

  1. Open a new tab and type into the address bar about:config and press Enter. If you receive a warning, click the button that says "Accept the Risk and Continue".
  2. Type in dom.popup_maximum into the search field.
  3. Double click on the dom.popup_maximum preference and a text box will appear.
  4. Change the value to your choice (e.g. 999; default is 20) and press Enter.

Instructions (modified by me to work with new versions of Firefox) from "How do you remove the Firefox limit on (20) popups?" by Wk_of_Angmar (used under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license).

Where do I send my suggestions / requests / bug reports?

I'm on Twitter (@mprep_btc). If you don't use Twitter, I'm also on a number of other platforms as well (click here for the contact links).