I provide a number of services on a freelance basis.

Software development

Need a website or desktop application built? I provide full-stack web and desktop software development services. I can develop:

  • Websites and web applications (both static and dynamic).
  • Desktop applications (both with graphical interfaces and CLI-based).
  • Machine learning models (text classification, neural networks, etc.).
  • Scrapers, bots and other automation utilities.
  • Userscripts and browser extensions.
  • …and much more.

Here’s a few recent examples of my work:

  • Stress My GPU - an online GPU and CPU stress testing and benchmarking tool.
  • Advanced Linker - an online tool for opening multiple links at once or with delays in between.
  • Tab Check - an online developer tool for checking if a website is leaking URL data or is vulnerable to “window.opener” attacks.
  • Unnofficial Bitcointalk IQ Dashboard - A free online tool to check your Bitcointalk 2022 April Fools IQ ranking and see Bitcointalk IQ statistics (average, highest, lowest, distribution chart, etc.).

I mostly use the following stack:

  • Web: Python (Django) and frontend JavaScript
  • Desktop: Python and / or C#

If your project strictly requires usage of other tech, I’ve also worked with C, C++, Java, Node.js, PostgreSQL, PHP and R in the past.

If you’re interested, click here for details on how to contact me.

Bitcointalk marketing consulting

If you need advice on how to properly market your product on Bitcointalk, I do one-on-one consulting sessions where I can:

  • Provide general and project-specific advice (e.g. ways to promote your product, common pitfalls, etc.).
  • Answer any questions (be it general or specific to your project / business / website) you may have.
  • Look through both to-be published as well as already posted threads or posts and point out mistakes or suggest improvements.

If you’re interested, click here for details on how to contact me.